How California Rule 5414 Will Create Tomorrow's Uber of MJ
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In this article, we examine the explosive new MJ delivery sector that has been created with the recent amendment of Title 16 Division 42.
California Legalizes Statewide Delivery
We already know that delivery is the future of MJ retail and that California approved statewide delivery as of January 1, 2019. 

We also know that other states around the country will follow California’s lead

So the company that captures the MJ home delivery market in California will be massive

Now, when most people think of the Uber of MJ, they think of a company called Eaze.

But after reading through this article, you’ll understand why, despite all the hype, Eaze is not the best company poised to capitalize on this trend.

But first, let’s talk a bit about Eaze in order to understand the competitive landscape.

Launched in 2014, Eaze connects customers through its mobile app or website to delivery drivers from local, legal and compliant dispensaries in most major California cities.
Eaze operates primarily in the Bay Area and San Diego and claims to be doing over 120,000 deliveries per month.

The way Eaze works is that consumers use the Eaze mobile app on their smartphone to place their product orders. Eaze itself does not own cannabis grow facilities, meaning that it is trying to act as a high-margin middleman. Once the order is placed, Eaze works to find the closest dispensary to the consumer and ensures that the product is delivered quickly. 

Because of its role in facilitating the delivery of cannabis in much the same way Uber Eats has facilitated the delivery of ordered food, the company has earned the nickname of the “Uber of Weed.”

Eaze has a lofty goal: by fiscal year 2020, Eaze hopes to move over $1 billion in cannabis and related products, annually.

This goal of moving the equivalent of $1 billion in year has led Eaze to burn about $1 million a month as it aggressively expands. Unfortunately, it faces a lot of regulations, that have proven extremely costly.

Due to this, in November of 2018, Eaze began raising another $65 million to fund continuing operations.

And while the hype around the recent Lyft IPO and impending Uber IPO will certainly raise Eaze’s profile, the uncertain and complicated regulatory environment around legalization and vertical integration coupled with operational business challenges make us dig further to uncover an even better opportunity.
WAIT: Regulators Pull the Plug on Eaze?
Eaze is an online app that facilities orders and collects a service fee on every transaction; Eaze doesn’t actually deliver any product.

On January 1, 2018, Eaze entered a new and uncertain era due to the fact that California’s newly regulated cannabis market required “licensed” and “certified” delivery partners. 

In other states and jurisdictions, regulations promoting vertical integration have created serious concerns on the viability of harnessing a “gig economy” strategy for Cannabis delivery.

On March 29, 2019, following a review of Eaze’s business practices, the underlying licensed service company delivering over 90% of Eaze’s northern California deliveries found that Eaze was incapable of meeting certain regulatory compliance requirements and terminated its relationship with Eaze.

In other words, they pulled the rug out from under Eaze

Eaze has started to “pivot” towards hemp-derived CBD delivery; however, it faces significant competition as the Farm Bill of 2018 has made hemp-derived CBD products legal for delivery.  So with no barriers to entry, Eaze is in the crosshairs of every delivery company in the market (USPS, UPS, TaskRabbit, Uber, Fedex, Amazon Prime, etc).

Due to this uncertainty, we are bearish on Eaze right now.
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Even Better than Eaze: the Uber of MJ
This company offers consumers an Amazon Prime-like experience

And prior to pulling the plug on Eaze, the “Uber of MJ” was providing ALL the fulfillment services and operations for Eaze in the Bay Area.

It operates a “direct to consumer” non-retail storefront delivery dispensary serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

And recently launched its own direct-to-consumer fulfillment service called Chill  
This company has completed more than 800,000 online and mobile orders since its inception in 2015 and is the market leader in direct-to-consumer deliveries in California.

In the Bay Area alone, it is performing over 1,500 deliveries a day.

It just invested an additional $19 million to purchase a 1.83 acre Southern California campus.  That gives it one of the largest distribution facilities, manufacturing hubs and direct-to-consumer MJ fulfillment centers in Southern California

And it’s currently trading for under $3 / share

But you can't get it on a normal exchange.

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